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¿Who's The Cuban?

¿Who's The Cuban? mix the essence of Cuban and Caribbean music with psychedelic rock. This original fusion creates a tropicalized, electric and danceable mix. Delightful Latin melodies are combined with a distorted guitar, a heavy bass, a syncopated piano, gliding keyboards, unbridled drums and frenzied percussion... The septet delivers a hot and energetic live show.

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Nunca mataré is the new single of ¿Who's The Cuban? and it is especially the first recording of the new line-up integrating the singer Pao Barreto and the singer and trumpetist Dayron Ramirez Hernandez. With this track, ¿Who's The Cuban? reveals itself in an unbridled style, subtle fusion of Afro-Caribbean music and psychedelic rock. 






Pao Barreto : lead vocals, guitar, percussion

Dayron Ramirez Hernandez : lead vocals, trumpet

Cedric Geremia : guitar, backing vocals

Carl Lelonge : trombone, backing vocals

Olivier Duranton : keyboards, backing vocals

Adrian Chavez : bass, backing vocals

Thibaut Chipot : drums, percussion


Vendredi 25 février
Le Manège de Givet 
Givet (08)

Vendredi 8 avril
Les Fuseaux
Saint Dizier (52)

Samedi 23 avril
Le Gueulard Plus

Nilvange (57)

most notable concerts

Paléo Festival (Switzerland) - Nancy Jazz Pulsations - New Morning Paris 

Tempo Latino Festival - Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland)  

Cubadisco Festival (Cuba) - World Village Festival (Finland)

Festival Fiest'A Sète - Sound And Vision Festival (Germany)

Festival des Cinq Continents (Switzerland) - Festival Jardin Du Michel 



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¿Who's The Cuban? is a Latin Psychedelic Pop Rock band formed in 2017 in France. The musicians all share the irresistible desire to mix the essence of Cuban and Caribbean music with psychedelic rock. After the release of their first album "Circo Circo" in 2019, the band wants to take mixing their influences deeper and thus affirm a personal and audacious style. ¿Who's The Cuban? now welcomes two new singers: the Colombian Pao Barreto (The Bongo Hop, Cumbia Ya) and the Cuban trumpet player Dayron Ramirez Hernandez (Yuri Buenaventura, La Cubanerie). With this new team, the septet has performed in France (festivals Au Fil des Voix / Convivencia / Tempo Latino) and abroad. In particular, the band played in Canada (Festival d'Été de Québec, Club Balattou, Kultrùn Festival) and in Cuba (Havana, Pinar Del Rio, Matanzas, Varadero). At the end of 2019, in association with the Nancy Jazz Pulsations festival the group created the "¿Who's The Cuban? Orchestra", a Latin jazz adaptation for big band of their compositions. This resulted in the album "Circo Live", recorded live and released on October 3, 2020. The global epidemic crisis forced the group to cancel tours in Canada and Cuba and so ¿Who's The Cuban? focused on the creating and recording a new album to be released in 2022. This new opus will be the achievement of their musical project combining the influences that brought them together. The group will produce a series of live sessions and videos that will be unveiled in the coming months.


big BAND

With this "Orchestra" version, ¿Who's The Cuban? is switched to XXL version! Eleven brass players and a drummer join the septet to form a new percussive and brass band. The most Cuban of the French music bands presents its latest compositions in an orchestral version for big band. Freshly released in spring, the album Circo Circo is entirely reworked by Youssef Essawabi's jazzifying arrangements. As songs and rhythms sway, we will inevitably remind us of the great mambo ensembles of the mid-20th century and the New York salsa dura of the 70s....

¿Who's The Cuban? Orchestra
photo © Didier Protin

Paola Barreto: lead vocals
Eloise Rivera Loisy: lead vocals
Dayron Ramirez Hernandez: lead vocals
Youssef Essawabi: trombone
Sylvain Richard: trombone
Thomas Genèvre: trombone
François Le Gars: trumpet
Jérôme Sperissen: trumpet
Arnaud Schmitt: trumpet
Quentin Thomas: alto saxophone

Nicolas Gégout: alto saxophone
Luc Bartoli: tenor saxophone
Jean-François Leiritz: tenor saxophone
Renny Perron: baritone saxophone
Cedric Geremia: guitar, backing vocals
Olivier Duranton: keyboard, cuica, backing vocals
Olivier Herrmann: baby bass, backing vocals
Edouard Feuvrier: drums
Thibaut Chipot: percussion

a creation with Nancy Jazz Pulsations

¿Who’s the Cuban? Orchestra



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