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Thus Circo Circo is a record that inevitably leads to Havana. On the way, the salsa piano montunos meet electric guitars from a dark club in Liverpool. During a gliding flight over the Caribbean, the keyboard layers highlight the most swaying rhythms. In the distance, African roots echo throughout the Cuban tres and percussion. A reminder of a glorious past that joins drums, basses and amps... At the end, the group delivers a collection of sad or funny, futile or serious stories that are brimming over with life experience and the sun.

In this album, produced by Lucien Zerrad (Angélique Kidjo, Zaz, Charles Aznavour, Enzo Enzo...) ¿Who's The Cuban? want to make people vibrate, like an old Cuban radio station that would broadcast today's sound waves.






vendredi 24 janvier 

festival au fil des voix - 20H30

LE 360 paris MUSIC factory 

paris (75)

Samedi 8 février 2020

L’escale - 21h

Migennes (89)

jeudi 13 février 2020

Sala Margarita Casaña - 19h

Santa clara - cuba

lundi 17 février 2020

Hotel Meliá Las Antillas - 17h

varadero - cuba

jeudi 20 février 2020

Palacio de la Rumba - 20h

La Habana - CUBA

samedi 28 mars

¿Who's The Cuban? Orchestra 

La souris verte - 20H30

épinal (88)

Vendredi 10 avril

Les Fuseaux - 21h

Saint dizier (52)

Samedi 30 MAI

Festival cuba - 21h

La Roche-sur-le-Buis (26)

Samedi 20 Juin

fête de la musique - 21h

Villers-lès-Nancy (54)

Jeudi 6 aout


Bourg-en-Bresse (01)

SAMEDi 8 aout

estivales embrun - 21h

embrun (05)

most notable concerts

Paléo Festival (Switzerland) - Nancy Jazz Pulsations - New Morning Paris 

Tempo Latino Festival - Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland)  

Cubadisco Festival (Cuba) - World Village Festival (Finland)

Festival Fiest'A Sète - Sound And Vision Festival (Germany)

Festival des Cinq Continents (Switzerland) - Festival Jardin Du Michel 

photo © Cetrobo

In the spring of 2009 the first notes rang out through the night from a "salón" in Nancy. A French-Cuban combo met up to play traditional Cuban standards. It was to be named "Son Del Salón".


After a first tour in a tiny car, the desire to play was still strong. Then came the time to study in depth the "son cubano". The band explored the whole musical jungle: they recorded three albums, played more than 500 concerts including a tour in Cuba and performances in prestigious European venues such as the Paleo Festival, Jazz In Montreux or Nancy Jazz Pulsations. They were awarded the prize for the best new band in 2016 at the Tempo Latino Festival, the biggest European Latin music Festival.

A basic copy/paste of Cuban traditional music is not their credo. A secret heresy bubbles up within the band - to search for its own interpretation of Cuban music, daring to break the rules of tradition and allowing their different deep musical loves to mix. Yes we CAN bring together influences from Radiohead and The Buena Vista Social Club, French "chanson" and Hector Lavoe, The Smashing Pumpkins and Los Van Van.


For the band needs to get free. The "salón" walls and clichés of Cuban postcards have to be pushed aside.​ 2018 is now the time for musical revolution - a brand new repertoire whose balance point is located at the crossing of cultures and personalities.


With a new start comes a new band name. ¿Who’s The Cuban? is the question everybody ALWAYS asks the group. Not so easy to distinguish a Cuban guy from a French guy singing in Spanish with an accent coming from nowhere. They don’t really care actually. Anyhow they’d rather ask you before you ask them.

Pao Barreto : lead vocals, guitar, percussion

Dayron Ramirez Hernandez : lead vocals, trumpet

Cedric Geremia : guitar, backing vocals

Sylvain Richard : trombone, backing vocals

Olivier Duranton : keyboards, backing vocals

Olivier Herrmann : babybass, backing vocals

Thibaut Chipot : drums, percussion

photo © Didier Protin

¿Who’s the Cuban? Orchestra

With this "Orchestra" version, ¿Who's The Cuban? is switched to XXL version! Eleven brass players and a drummer join the septet to form a new percussive and brass band. The most Cuban of the French music bands presents its latest compositions in an orchestral version for big band. Freshly released in spring, the album Circo Circo is entirely reworked by Youssef Essawabi's jazzifying arrangements. As songs and rhythms sway, we will inevitably remind us of the great mambo ensembles of the mid-20th century and the New York salsa dura of the 70s....

Still loyal to its signature, ¿Who's The Cuban? continues to inject its rock, pop and gliding influences into Afro-Cuban folklore. An original creation specially produced for this 2019 edition of Nancy Jazz Pulsations and the occasion for ¿Who's The Cuban? to present its new album to the Nancy audience!


"¿Who's The Cuban? Orchestra " is a project bringing together ¿Who's The Cuban? and the Nancy Ska Jazz Orchestra. An adaptation of "Circo Circo", ¿Who's The Cuban?'s new album for big band.

FRIDAY 11th OCTOBER - Nancy Jazz Pulsations 

Paola Barreto: lead vocals
Eloise Rivera Loisy: lead vocals
Dayron Ramirez Hernandez: lead vocals
Youssef Essawabi: trombone
Sylvain Richard: trombone
Thomas Genèvre: trombone
François Le Gars: trumpet
Jérôme Sperissen: trumpet
Arnaud Schmitt: trumpet
Quentin Thomas: alto saxophone

Nicolas Gégout: alto saxophone
Luc Bartoli: tenor saxophone
Jean-François Leiritz: tenor saxophone
Renny Perron: baritone saxophone
Cedric Geremia: guitar, backing vocals
Olivier Duranton: keyboard, cuica, backing vocals
Olivier Herrmann: baby bass, backing vocals
Edouard Feuvrier: drums
Thibaut Chipot: percussion



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